Portrait Services

Some of my first experiences with photography was portrait work. I have previously shot a large numbers images for real estate agents and that was a primary focus. This was a simple bread and butter type of job. I have always enjoyed working with single subjects versus larger groups. I have experience with both natural light, studio light and mixed lighting. Rest assured I will make you look your best.

Portrait sittings can be done in any number of locations, your home, work, park, city or wherever you can find a few square feet of space. I no longer have a fixed studio location, so most of my equipment must be portable. I still have a small stash of backdrops should you decide you'd rather that then some other setting.

Each includes a average of about an hour, retouched digital proofs, and your option of many different printing options and services. Some extras may be included depending on the type of sitting or for package deals.

You are encouraged to bring several changes of clothing, even if it's just outer garments, hats, jackets, etc. This will allow several different looks during the sitting. In addition you may want to bring some light snacks and water or other beverage. For single portrait sittings, you may have a chaperone come with you provided they do not interfere with the shoot. They are allowed to help, and encouraged to do so, I can always use an extra pair of hands.

General Services

I have many different interests in photography and have shot quite a number of interesting things over the years. An experienced photographer that can handle a wide range of subjects, I am willing to shoot almost anything (legal).

I am available for general hire with very reasonable starting rates. Prices are hourly so you can keep me for as little as a half hour, or as many as several days worth if you'd like.

You name the subject, the end goals and I will quote you a price on your project.


Real Estate

I offer various real estate services for both commercial and residential properties. Weather you need a nice shot for your lobby or board room, photographs to list your property, documentation of damage or construction, I have you covered.

While agents might offer to take a few quick pictures of the inside or outside of your property, are they going to take care to make it look the best? Are they going to know how to expose the images correctly? Inside lighting with just a pop-up flash? Making the property look the best helps you get top dollar.

The prices for real estate photography vary depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the requirements. I try and keep those prices low enough to be affordable to all types of clients.

Samples of the real estate contract can be found on our forms page. Contracts are required for all real estate shoots.

News / Media

I have regularly since the late 90's been photographing both fire and police incidents, from time to time these images are sold to news outlets. Obviously this is not a service I am selling, however this page exists for information.

I am always willing to license images that I have here, or in my catalog for editorial use. I am also willing to allow limited use for images that are newsworthy. I realize that you may be tempted to "borrow" images, but I am not giving these away for free. Your newspaper or TV station or magazine makes money, it is after all a commercial enterprise. I am not asking for anything other than what is fair, you make money, therefore I make money.


Aerial Photography

I am now offering FAA part 107 certified aerial photography and videography services. I am available to assist you with any aerial imaging that you may need from site surveys, to live real-time imaging. For areas where flights are prohibited (DC-FRZ for example), we are equipped with large boom poles.

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