I have from time to time gotten requests for permission to use my images or video. While I have no problem allowing editorial use or use in other media, but I do wish to get paid, even if it is a nominal fee. I don't think that is too much to ask seeing as how your business model has your newspaper, magazine or website making a profit, correct?

My theory is you are making money on it’s use and so should I. It takes me time to go and shoot both video and still images, takes time to edit them and publish them. Equipment costs money, computers cost money, internet usage costs money, gas costs money. After all if I copied your magazine or newspaper and spread it everywhere without paying for the rights, your legal department would be all over me. See my point?

I generally will post images here, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. I use YouTube for video uploads. Please DO NOT use images direct from these sources, I prefer my images to look the best they can, let me send you a better file size. I use Dropbox for ease of use.

Thank You.