General Policies and Things...


I accept payment via cash, credit card or personal check. We use either PayPal and/or Square as our processor. Returned (bounced) checks are subject to a $35 returned check fee to cover bank costs. For hourly or event bookings I generally collect a deposit at the time of booking that may be refundable, this deposit is applied to your total. Payment in full is expected prior to any delivery of final product, including digital or printed proofs. All proofs will be watermarked, paid images will have no watermarks (but a credit is always appreciated). Our terms are always NET 30. Standard bookings (those booked online and through our store) are paid in full at the time of booking. Refunds may be made for bookings canceled more than 24 hours before the appointment, no-shows and same day cancelations will be refunded minus a $20 cancellation fee.


You should know that all images are automatically copyrighted to the photographer at the moment the image is fixed in tangible form. In this day and age, the second you hit the shutter on a digital camera. This is the law for everyone, on any camera, for almost any reason. Therefore it is illegal to copy images without the written permission of the original creator. Read more at Wikipedia. I do make a income using my images, so I take copyright seriously. I am very easy to work with, all I ask is you talk to me. There is a sample release form on this page.

Copyright Releases (Image Licensing)

I am always open to granting limited copyright releases for most of my images, especially those that were of events. If you would like to have permission to use any of my images, please email me and ask. It is far easier to ask first than have me sue you when you steal them. I really hate court, please don't make me go. Copyright releases will allow you to print (Walmart, Shutterfly, etc) images; produce products (puzzles, blankets, mugs, etc) for your own non-commercial use. The release does not grant permission to sell the image(s) or sell products with the image(s) on it/them.

I am willing to license images for commercial use as long as I have a model or property release on file for the image. Images that do not have these are NOT available for commercial use.

For general licensing please contact me. I generally grant non-exclusive licenses to use images since they were posted on the internet and I can not guarantee that they have not been "borrowed" and used elsewhere. Work that is planned and shot for a purpose can be licensed for exclusive use since those will not be posted to a public area.

Model/Property Releases

If a person or property (Trademark, building, design, etc) is identifiable, I am required to have a model/property release in order to use images in a commercial manner. Releases are usually obtained at the time the image is created, at times I will reach out after the fact. I generally pay you a small sum ($1-$2) at the time for the release unless agreed to otherwise, the exchange of something valuable creates a legal contract between the model and myself. If the image(s) are negotiated for commercial use, I generally pay a small additional royalty, this is why your contact information is important. I have samples of our release form over here.

In general, images that are used in a portfolio are not required to have a model release as this would not be considered commercial use. Keep in mind that images that are shot in public and used for editorial use are not required to have releases on file either. For editorial use article, read this.


Generally I prefer a phone call, text or email in order to arrange booking. I have found that this is the easiest way to coordinate calendars and times. I do maintain an online booking schedule program that is activated from time to time for certain events, all of our available time slots are located here. I reserve the right to cancel bookings in accordance with my cancellation policy.


I offer both indoor (studio) and outdoor (environmental) portraits and photo sessions. I will cancel shoots when the weather prohibits safe travel, usually this means snow or ice. My general policy is that when the school systems, local governments, state governments or federal government is/are closed due to weather, so am I. This applies to both my home area as well as the location of the shoot and everywhere in between the two. I may also have to cancel, postpone or reschedule outdoor shoots when rain is called for. I do keep an eye on the general weather forecast and try to plan accordingly. I will contact appointments to discuss the pending weather and booking status.


I reserve the right to either cancel, reschedule or postpone any of our bookings in accordance with my other policies and/or contract terms. Clients may also avail themselves of this same policy. I do request at least a 48 hour advance notification if at all possible. Contract terms may stipulate alternative cancellation policies, contract terms always supersede these terms. Refunds are made in full provided the booking is canceled no less than 24 hours prior to the booking.

DMCA Policy

I am not sure that I really need to have a DMCA notice on here, since I feature all my own work, but go here to read the policy.

Title 18 Policy

Much like the DMCA Policy, I don't really feature anything that could be construed as "adult", but here is the policy. Under Title 18, Section 2257 we are required to obtain proof of age if any material is of an adult nature and maintain separate records of such proof. In the event that any image is taken that has actual or implied nudity, a 2257 form will be obtained regardless of age. Proof of age is most generally going to be a state issued ID. Read here for more.