The online proofing system is easy to use. However here are some tips on selecting your proofs.

When you click the proofing link the site will open under a new window.

Logging in / Accounts

Individual Sittings

Once your album is ready to view, I will send you an email with your login details. In general the username is your provided email address and the password will be sent to you. Enter your credentials in the provided fields under the "identification" tab on the left side menu.

Once you are logged in, you should see any available albums under the "albums" tab on the left side menu.

 Group Sittings / Events

Once your album is ready to view, I will send the group contact a link and password. This password is used to secure the album, anyone with this password will be able to view the contents. In addition to the group password, the group contact or contacts, will have the ability to make selections from the proofs to order, other users will not have the ability to make these selections.

Some groups may elect to have public passwords that are active upon album creation. This information will be displayed at the event and guests should take note of the credentials. No account registration is required to view the images, but an account is required if downloads are desired.

Creating Selections - Individual Users

Selecting your favorites

The album you are able to see will have all available images, certain images that don't meet quality standards may have been culled. At this point, you need to further narrow down the album to your favorites. Now that you have opened your album your image options are shown. You now have one of two places that you can make your selections. In the album overview, as you hover over the image, a yellow bar should appear over the top of the image that says "add to collection." The other is available as you are viewing the larger version of the image. This icon is on the menu bar and is a yellow star.

In either case, once your click on the "add to collection" link or star, you need to add that image to a collection. If you have not previously made a collection, click on the "create new collection" and type a name to remember it by. If you have previously created a collection, you simply click on the link with the name of the collection you wish to add it to.

Changing your collections

You can make modifications to your collections at any time from the home page (click the word "home" in the top left of the screen) and then clicking the name of the collection you wish to modify under the "Collections" tab on the left side menu. Once you click on the name of the collection the modified album will load in the main screen.

Removing a image is as simple as hovering your cursor over the image and clicking on "remove from collection." You can edit the details of the collection by clicking the edit button above your images as well.

Sending your collection list

Once you have made all of your selections and feel confident in your selections, I certainly can't wait to see what you liked. This also alerts me that it's time for a sit down to order prints, cds, gifts or anything from the catalog.

Following the above the directions to changing your collections, load the collection you want to send. After your collection is loaded, you will see a small white envelope on the menu bar, click the envelope. This will pop-up a email window. Make sure your name and email address are correct, these may need to be changed. Make sure the small radio button next to "administrator" is selected. Type me a nice little message if you wish and then hit send.

Now all you have to do is what to hear from me. I will schedule a time to meet and go over our prints and products ordering process.

Creating Selections - Group Users

Please follow the "selecting your favorites" and "Changing your collections" steps first.

Downloading Images

If your group has opted to allow batch downloading, you will be able to download all of your chosen images in one zip file. Generally file sizes are limited to 600x400 for free delivery. If you so choose you may also send the list using the "sending your collection list" steps above, we will contact you to finaliaze your order.  At this time each collection is limited to one size, if you need multiple sizes, name your collections accordingly (ie 4x6, 5x7, etc).

Once you have made all of your selections, go back to the home page. Once on the home page, click the name of the collection you wish to download. Once the next screen shows up, you should see all of your selected images. On the menu bar along the top of the screen a manillia folder icon will appear towards the far right of the menu. Click this icon and follow the directions. You should see a download begin.