Copies of blank forms are being provided for your convenience. Please do not download any of our contracts or releases and assume that that is a current and complete copy. When we contract for services, these serve as a general outline and format, each contract is written and changed based on client needs. The general Media Release forms are standard and may be downloaded and completed prior to the event. Our model releases are generated electronically and while they are a standard form, they do change model to model. If you are unsure of what to download and use, please contact us.

General Contract

These are our basic contracts. We always execute a contract before undertaking any work. We use contracts to protect both the client and photographer, they spell out all of the details. These are samples only.

Standard Photographic Contract - PDF

Simple Photographic Contract - PDF

Time For Print/CD Contract - PDF

Real Estate Photographic Contract - PDF

General Release Forms

Release forms for groups of people where individual model releases are not appropriate. This form may be downloaded and filled out prior to our arrival. Some participants may also be required to fill out and sign standard model release forms as well.

Media Release Form - PDF

Parental Media Release Form - PDF

Model and Property Release Forms

These are sample of our standard model, property, and minor release forms. These forms are required for all subjects, and in some circumstances may be substituted for a generic media release form above. These forms are generated electronically and will be done prior to the shoot.

Model Release Sample - PDF

Minor Release Sample - PDF

Property Release Sample -PDF

Copyright License Form

This form is used when we are assigning you rights to reproduce the images we create. This form is required when you wish to use any image that we have taken, this included copying, printing, publishing, etc. This is a sample form and requires an actual signature to be valid. In addition each license is negotiated individually.

Simple Rights License - PDF

Copyright Rights License - PDF

Federal Forms

This form is required for any image that may involve any full or partial nudity. There is a federal requirement to verify the age of all subjects. A valid Government Issued Photo ID is required to be kept with this form. If you are going to use this form, please bring with you two (2) photocopies of your ID. There is much controversy as to what constitutes a requirement to maintain records. So in order to be safe vs. sorry, we are going to require this information to be collected for any shoot where implied or actual nudity would be involved.

2257 Age Verification Form - PDF