I started in photography in my early teens after I joined our local 4-H club. I started with a old Minolta camera and learned as much, and practiced as much as I possibly could. This is where my loveĀ for photography began.

I started my first 'business' back when I was 18 and started photographing friends and customers that I met while I was working for Kodak. Soon after I opened my own business processing film, making prints, selling supplies and shooting portraits in my studio. I shot portraits for all kinds of clients and saw that portion of the business grow. Unfortunately during this time, the digital camera market exploded and the processing half of the business died off. I made a tough decision to shutter the business. I changed my model to become more of a mobile photographer and took the show on the road.

I try and work with each client as if they were my only one, and try to put that personal touch on each job. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, I would love to work with you to make it happen!